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SceneMax3D programming language for kids and beginners enables you to create stunning simple 3d games and animations in no time and no effort with English-like simple commands. The language is constantly evolving and currently supports:

  1. Program in SceneMax3D language and/or C# in the same game 
  2. 3d models - load, show, move, rotate, animate, scale, download external models
  3.  2d sprites - load, show, animate, move, download external sprites
  4.  skybox - show various skyboxes
  5.  audio - play sounds and music, download external files
  6.  camera - move, rotate, chase after a model
  7.  special effects - water, fire, smoke, flash, control the effects
  8.  collision detection - model to model
  9.  physics - rigid body control, character control, mass
  10.  terrain - load height map to present a terrain
  11.  user input - respond to key press mouse click
  12.  ray tracing - check ray collision against groups of models
  13.  coding logic - if-else, functions, multi threading, using variables
  14.  code snippets/macros - insert pre-made macro-like code snippets to make your programs be simpler and more readable
  15.  record video clip - record your running program and share it with your friends on social media  
  16.  export to executable - package and export your program as a running executable to be published in any online games store
  17. Built in solar system
  18. Built in fully customize able vehicles system for creating car racing games in minutes

Refer to www.scenemax3d.com for documentation.


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